Ivonne Senn

Treat Your Money Like a Lover

The ingredients for a deep and intimate relationship between two people are the same as those we need for a good and loving relationship with ourselves and our Money. This is where my program“Treat Your Money Like a Lover” comes from – a concept that will turn your view on self-love and the relationship with your money in a good way upside down. Or, as a participant said:

„I love the way you talk about uncomfortable things like money and self-love!”

1:1 Coaching "Just You"

For all the issues around money. For beginners or advanced. For a specific topic or the big picture. 1:1 sessions with me via phone, Skype or in person.

I don’t have an approach or a template you can follow. You alone are the agenda and you determine the direction. Your transformation is the only goal. That’s why I want to get to know you, before we decide if we want to work together.

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“Asking you for help was the best decision I made in years.”


MoneyCoaching Workshops mit Ivonne Senn