Ivonne Senn

“The best advice I ever got was: hire a coach.” Says Eric Smith, chairman and CEO at Google. And so it’s no wonder that it is common practice in the USA to ask for help if you are stuck in one or another area of your life – even when the trouble is money. I am very grateful that I got to learn and get coached by some of the best.

  • MBA, major in finances and accounting and markting.
  • Money Coach Training by Meadow DeVor, California
  • Mindful Connection seminars by Nicole Birkholzer, Massachusetts
  • Intensive seminar “The Work” by Byron Katie, California.
  • Personal Leadership Workshop by Koelle Simpson, California
  • Intuition workshop with Amelia Kinkade, Isle of Man
  • Classes with Martha Beck, Arizona
  • Life Coaching seminar with Brooke Castillo, California

Other teachers and coaches that inspire my work will be introduced in the section “Recommendations”.