Ivonne Senn

What is the opposite of love?

For years I would have answered: hatred. But now I know it is fear.

With hatred we feel safer. It is a outbound, a force against something
Fear is within us. Against us. It makes us feel small.

Fear is the opposite of love.

You don’t hate your bank balance,
you fear that you have to change something in your life.

You don’t hate your full schedule,
you fear who or what you were without all these appointments, what people or yourself think about you if you don’t manage to do all you think your are supposed to do.

You don’t hate your ex,
you are afraid that he doesn’t value you.

You don’t hate your job,
you fear to stay stuck with it forever.

You don’t hate the idea to separate from your partner,
you fear what will come afterwards.

We don’t hate people with other religions,
we fear that we come off badly, that we will be forgotten, marginalized.

Love is the opposite of fear.

In German “love” is a difficult word.  We like and appreciate, but we rarely love.

Still, slowly I come to love the word love, to dust off its pathos and feel the emotion, the essence behind it.

What would change if we would admit that we don’t hate, but simply are afraid?

And if we would ask ourselves in these moments:

What would love do?

– and act accordingly?