Ivonne Senn

The Secret Language of Money: How to Make Smarter Financial Decisions and Live a Richer Life
by David Krueger and John David Mann

'If money were about math, none of us would be carrying any debt. The numbers are simple. What’s complex is what we do with money: we give it meaning. We breathe life into money and give it emotional value. We make it bigger than it is. We use money to do things money isn’t designed to do, and that’s where things get complicated.’ (From the introduction to The Secret Language of Money.)

Do you consistently spend more money than you have?
Do you follow the herd in your investments—even though you know the herd is usually wrong?
Have you neglected to save for the future, even when you have the means?
Do you feel controlled or shackled by debt?
Is your money somehow never “enough”?
Is money, or the lack of it, always on your mind?

If so, this is one is for you. “The Secret Language of Money” by David Krueger and John David Mann is probably the book I quote most often in my work. With examples from his longstanding praxis as a psychologist and psychiatrist, Krueger shows why we follow certain learned pattern regarding our money – and offers suggestions and exercises to break these pattern if they hinder us in our life.

This book is a guided tour to the subconscious meanings we give money., the conflicted ways our brain deals with money, the reasons we tend to make the same money mistakes over and over—and most importantly, how you can change all that and find the elusive balance of wealth, health, and joy we all seek.

“Quick question: Does dealing with/thinking about/earning/spending money make you happy, or does it stress you out? If it’s not making you happy, you need to read this extraordinary book, right away.”

Seth Godin, author of the New York Times bestseller Tribes

Published 2009
288 pages

This Is How: Surviving What You Think You Can't
by Augusten Burroughs

My recommendations are not always about money ... This is one of my all time favourites. A no-holds-barred book of advice on topics as varied as: How to feel like crap, How to ride an elevator, How to be thin, How to be fat, How to find love, How to feel sorry for yourself, How to get the job, How to end your life, How to remain unhealed, How to finish your drink, How to regret as little as possible...

Published 2013
240 Pages

Scarcity: The True Cost of Not Having Enough
by Sendhil Mullainathan, Eldar Shafir

How does the thought of "not enough" influences our reaction time? Why is it so hard to make decisions if we are pressed for time? Why do we fail again and again to solve the problem of poverty in the world? In short: What happens with us when we experience any kind of scarcity - be it money, time or calories? The two scientists and authors explain this phenomenon in a unique and entertaining way. Supported by fascinating experiments, this book is "The finest combination of heart and head that I have seen in our field" (Daniel Kahnemann, Author of Thinking, Fast and Slow).

Published 2014
304 pages


The Tao of Rowdy
by Meadow DeVor and The Rowdies

"A Rowdy Loves Her Money" is the name of the story I contributed to this unique self-help-book. It talks about how I shed my supergirl cloak and grew myself up. The Rowdies are: "A world-wide group of inspired women that have radically changed their lives from the inside out. They have learned how to live a life that they love. How to love their money. Their bodies. Tao (pronounced ‘dow’) is an ancient Chinese word meaning ‘way’ or ‘path.’ In this book, you will be given tools in the form of Rowdyisms that will start to show you this ‘way’ of living a Rowdy life. The way of strength. The way of peace. The way of acceptance. The way of courage. The way of love. For yourself. For others. For life itself. No one invented these ideas." Bisher nur auf Englisch erschienen.

Published 2013
292 pages